Since the advent of climate change, social responsibility and sensitivity to the environment has grown significantly.   This has extended into the hotel sector, which has one of the strongest opportunities to make a difference, not only to the local environment but also to the local communities that can benefit from this trend.

But hotel customers are becoming more demanding.  Not only do they want a hotel to be sustainable, they also want to experience chic surroundings, fresh food, and all the comforts.

All of this can be done cost-effectively, and can also generate substantial cost savings as well as helping the environment.

“Smart design and sustainability don’t have to be mutually exclusive” says Glen Haussman from Hotel Interactive.  “These days, designers are finding ways to combine the best of both worlds:  increasing consumer satisfaction while lowering operational costs through smart sustainable practices.”

So everybody benefits from this trend – the consumer, the environment, the local community, the investor and the hotelier.  This winning scenario is set to grown exponentially over the next decade, creating a sustainable approach to the environment in the tourism sector, a sector that has considerable influence over the future sustainability and wellbeing of communities all over the world.  Photo:  Singita Boulders

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